Why is There a Hair on My Nipple?! 4 Weird Things That Happen to Women That Are Totally Normal

is it normal to pee when you sneeze?
Fact: the human body is weird. If you’re anything like most of us, you’ve probably had moments where you wondered if that odd feeling, spot, or appearance is normal, or if something is seriously wrong with you.

For women, this is particularly true. Our culture leads us to believe we should be naturally smooth, unblemished, and uber-feminine at all times, so it can be quite startling when your body does something unexpected. The good news is that whatever you’re experiencing is likely very normal…we just don’t talk about it!

Whether it’s on your nipple, poking out of your chin, or uncurling from your big toe, know that you’re not alone—errant body and face hair is totally normal.

1. The curse of random, black hairs

Have you ever glanced down at your body only to notice a strangely long, dark hair that unfurled from nowhere? Whether it’s on your nipple, poking out of your chin, or uncurling from your big toe, know that you’re not alone—and errant body and face hair is totally normal. There are certain parts of the body we ladies expect to be hairless (or at least only covered in peach fuzz), but your body won’t always play by the rules.

But why do these dark, wiry strands appear so suddenly and in the oddest of places? While in some rare cases it may be the result of a health problem like polycystic ovary syndrome or medication you’re taking, the most likely culprit is normal hormonal changes. These changes can occur with big milestones like puberty or pregnancy, but your body goes through subtle hormone fluctuations all the time—and these can “trigger” hair follicles that we usually don’t see much activity from.

Verdict: This phenomenon probably impacts more women than you think. It’s totally normal, so simply yank the offending hair with some tweezers—or consider a longer-lasting option like laser hair removal if it’s persistent and making you feel self-conscious. That said, if you start having substantial amounts of hair in places that aren’t normal for you, check in with your doctor just in case.

2. “Why is there a pimple there?!”

Breakouts are frustrating, but it’s usually not surprising when they arise on your face, back, arms, or thighs. But have you ever had an “OMG!” moment when you found an inflamed spot on your vulva or buttocks? Not only is this a particularly sensitive area, it can also be embarrassing. While unrecognizable bumps “down below” can occasionally be indicative of a greater problem, finding a standard zit isn’t abnormal, a sign of venereal disease, or anything to be worried about.

This part of the body is the perfect environment for a pore to get clogged or for inflammation to occur—no matter how hygienic you are. Many undergarments aren’t forgiving or breathable, and when combined with chafing, sweating, and personal grooming habits, it’s not surprising when a random acne breakout in your nether regions occurs.

Verdict: They can be painful and embarrassing, but random pimples on body parts you usually keep under wraps is typically nothing more than an annoyance. Treat any breakouts as you would were they on your face; in other words, don’t pick at it and take care to keep the area clean and dry. It’s a perfect excuse to wear flowy skirts and comfy cottony underwear! Should you see more bumps or anything that isn’t clearly a pimple, keep an eye on it and see your doctor if it doesn’t resolve soon.

Anywhere your skin touches or places often covered by tight clothing can trap in moisture and heat, making you susceptible to skin irritation.

3. Rashes, infections, & inflammation, oh my!

Ever notice a red, tender, or even funky smelling area on your body? Usually occurring in natural skin folds—such as under the breasts, in the belly button, or on the bikini line—small rashes and topical infections can happen to anyone (and they don’t mean you’re dirty!). Common signs include a red hue to the skin, a feeling of “rawness” on contact, itchiness, oozing or cracking, and a sour smell.

Yes, it sounds gross and is quite unpleasant to experience, but we promise you’re not alone. While repeated infections like this may indicate a larger problem, developing this kind of yeast infection (also known as intertrigo) is nothing to get overly worried about, provided you can resolve it in a reasonable time. Think of it as the grown up version of diaper rash. Anywhere your skin touches or places often covered by tight clothing can trap in moisture and heat, making you susceptible to skin irritation.

Verdict: If it happens once every so often, don’t stress—just keep the area clean, dry, and covered with a barrier cream. That said, if you have a complicating health factor, such as diabetes, or if the problem doesn’t go away quickly, check in with your physician.

4. I just peed a little

After adolescence, most of us are able to gauge how long we have to get to the bathroom before it becomes an emergency—and we have the power to keep it under control until we find a suitable place. However, sometimes you may find yourself leaking a little after laughing, coughing, sneezing, or exercising. It’s embarrassing, inconvenient, and may be making you wonder what the heck is up with your bladder.

Let’s get real: if someone tells you they’ve never had a mini-accident as an adult, chances are they’re lying. It’s common for this to happen on occasion with a forceful movement; particularly as we get older or after having children. That’s because the muscles in our pelvic floor typically weaken over time.

Verdict: While common, peeing your pants a little every time you laugh or workout isn’t something you have to live with. Exercising your kegel muscles is a great preventative measure and can help improve mild urinary stress incontinence. You can also consider the new non-surgical treatment FemiLift, which helps tighten those tissues and muscles without the need for surgery.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Wondering about a weird pimple? Curious about a change in your period? Embarrassed by excess hair? We don’t recommend self-diagnosis with Google, but reading about the experiences of others online can help you get a sense of what is weird or just a normal part of being human. If any question whatsoever remains about an issue affecting your overall health or being a sign of something bigger, ask a professional! Your physician is a great resource and can help put your mind at ease.

Have any stories about weird things that happen to women’s bodies? Let us know in the comments below!

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