Neck lift surgery in Granite Bay

Cheat time and boost confidence with this classic procedure to restore a youthful neckline

With some of the thinnest, most delicate skin on the body, the neck is one of the first places that aging rears its inevitable head, in the form of loose, sagging skin under the chin, a “crepey” appearance, and lost definition in the jawline.

If you’re tired of seeing a “turkey waddle” in the mirror or find yourself hiding behind turtlenecks most of the time, it’s time to consider neck lift surgery.

How can a neck lift help?

Neck lift surgery rejuvenates the area from jawline to collar bone, removing excess skin and fat and tightening lax muscles to restore a smoother, more youthful and slender appearance to your neck. More specifically, a neck lift can:

  • Reduce or eliminate a “turkey waddle”
  • Restore a firmer neck appearance
  • Smooth creased or “crepey” skin on the neck
  • Improve definition of the neck and jawline

Making these improvements can help you look younger and even as though you have lost weight. Plus, having a neckline you are proud to show off can help you feel more confident overall.

Granite Bay Cosmetic Surgery What Can a Necklift Do

About neck lift surgery in Granite Bay

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Christa Clark is experienced in all aspects of facial surgery, and tailors her neck lift technique to address your specific concerns. Typically, a neck lift is incorporated into facelift surgery, as Dr. Clark can usually use the same incision sites for both procedures. However, if your concerns are isolated to your neck alone, a neck lift can be performed as a stand-alone procedure.

Dr. Clark performs neck lift surgery in our on-site surgical center, accredited for your safety and situated for utmost privacy. Anesthesia is provided by a board certified physician anesthesiologist.

Recovery after a neck lift is very similar to that for a facelift (here are the details), with most patients back to work and social activities within 2 to 3 weeks. You may feel comfortable going out in public even sooner after a neck lift alone; it all depends on your individual comfort level and the extent of surgery.

Neck lift vs. neck lipo

With similar sounding names, neck lift and neck liposuction are often and easily confused. However, they’re quite different procedures. A neck lift addresses excess skin and loose, sagging muscle and connective tissue, but not fat. Neck liposuction removes excess fat from beneath the chin, but won’t help sagging skin.

If you are mainly bothered by a “double chin,” but have good skin elasticity (i.e., no sagging skin and minimal wrinkles), then neck liposuction is probably a great option for you. However, if skin laxity is an issue, a neck lift is likely needed for satisfying results.

Dr. Clark will go over all the details of neck lift surgery during a personal consultation, so if you’re interested in this rejuvenating and often life-enhancing procedure, contact us!