Earlobe Repair in the Sacramento Area

Don’t let a tiny problem like sagging earlobes affect your confidence

Statement earrings. Gauges. One too many piercings. We ask a lot of our earlobes, considering how small and delicate they are. If years of heavy jewelry wearing have left your earlobes stretched and sagging, the effect on your appearance can be stark and hard to hide. For some, closing gauges is a requirement for entering the military or other professions.

If you have been looking for a qualified surgeon for earlobe repair, look no further. Our doctors are some of the only plastic surgeons in the Sacramento area performing earlobe and gauge repair. They are known for their skilled hands and virtually undetectable results.

Earlobe repair surgery can restore a more normal, symmetrical appearance

If your earlobes are stretched, torn, or misshapen due to injury or heavy earring wear, a simple plastic surgery procedure can help repair the damage and restore a more normal earlobe appearance. The surgery is also a great option to reverse the effects of gauges if they no longer suit your lifestyle.

What earlobe repair surgery can do for you:

  • Close a large hole created by earrings or gauges.
  • Shorten stretched, elongated earlobes.
  • Improve symmetry between the ears.
  • Restore the ability to wear (lighter!) earrings again.
  • Help people focus on you, not your misshapen earlobes.

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What’s involved in earlobe surgery?

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Earlobe repair is a straightforward surgery. Your doctor will remove excess skin if necessary, and close the hole in the earlobe with sutures. They use local anesthesia, and the procedure usually takes less than 1 hour.

After surgery, you can go home to take it easy for the rest of the day. You won’t be in pain, although your ears will be sore and tender for a few days. Over-the-counter meds are all you’ll need to stay comfortable.

The biggest part of your recovery will be keeping the earlobes clean and dry. Stay out of pools, saunas, and steam rooms for a few weeks, and avoid contact sports or activities that require a helmet to prevent infection. your doctor will give you full details at your consultation.

Earlobe Incisions
Earlobe Incisions

Are the results permanent?

They can be, if you are careful about your jewelry choices in the future. If you go back to wearing giant, heavy earrings, your earlobes will begin to stretch again. Also, there is no guarantee against future injury to the area.

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