Granite Bay Chin Augmentation

Balance your features to create a stunning, confident profile

A strong chin shape that falls in proportion with your nose and other features is one of the secret keys to looking confident, balanced, and stunning—especially in profile! At Granite Bay Cosmetic Surgery, chin augmentation surgery (a.k.a. genioplasty) is one of our favorite ways to give our patients of all genders a big result from a small adjustment. With a chin implant, we can transform the dimensions of your face and create a balanced, stunning appearance.

Why consider chin augmentation?

There are a number of goals patients have that chin augmentation may address, including:

  • To strengthen a weak or recessed chin
  • To create an attractive, lengthened jawline in profile
  • To create projection, definition, or shape in your chin
  • To restore symmetry to the chin
  • To balance your facial proportions after rhinoplasty
  • To create a narrower, more proportional appearance in the neck and “double chin”

How does chin augmentation work?

During your chin implant surgery, your plastic surgeon makes an incision either in the creases below the chin or inside the mouth and places a customized silicone implant around your chin bone. A wide variety of shapes, contours, and sizes of chin implants are available, so before your surgery, we will fit you for the perfect implant to get you natural-looking results. We size the implant carefully so that nobody will be able to tell—it will look like a natural part of you.

What is the recovery process like for chin augmentation?

Most patients take about a week away from their normal activities to recover (but exercise will have to wait for 3-4 weeks). For the first few days, you will wear an elastic bandage on your chin to reduce swelling and keep the implant in place, as well as eat a diet of soft foods. Bruising may take a few weeks to fully disappear, so many patients choose to avoid social activities until it has subsided. Swelling typically goes down over the course of about 6 weeks, and final results are visible after about 3 months.

Combining procedures for balanced results

For many patients, chin augmentation is one part of their complete treatment plan for adjusting the proportions of their facial features. Here are a few procedures that patients often choose to complement their chin enhancement:

  • Rhinoplasty (nose job) to strike a proportional balance with the chin
  • Liposuction for double chin or neck sculpting to further enhance the jawline contour
  • “Non-surgical nose job” with fillers to subtly adjust nose proportions
  • Kybella for an injectable double chin reduction to further refine your profile
  • Facelift or neck lift for full rejuvenation of the lower face

We will consider your features and signs of aging to help you choose the procedure or combination of procedures to give you the most natural-looking outcome.

Chin augmentation vs. Chin filler

If you are looking for a modest enhancement to your chin, dermal fillers can be injected into key areas to give your chin a boost in contour. But fillers are temporary—they may last anywhere from 6 months to 2+ years—and can achieve only a subtle change compared with the long-lasting, dramatic effects of chin augmentation with an implant. For some patients, chin filler offers a non-surgical way to test the waters and “try on” the benefits of chin augmentation.

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