MiraDry® Sweat Reduction

A little sweat is healthy, but sometimes there’s just way too much of a good thing. If you’re prone to sweat easily or excessively under your arms, the results can be embarrassing. Pit stains on your new white dress, a less-than-fresh feeling well before the end of the day, unwelcome odor—no thanks.

While we can’t take you out of those stressful situations that cause you to sweat, we can help make underarm sweat less of an issue. MiraDry® is a totally non-surgical, downtime-free and clinically proven treatment that dramatically reduces underarm sweat, starting immediately after your first treatment.

How MiraDry can help

MiraDry is a non-invasive treatment that uses controlled heat energy to destroy sweat and odor-causing glands in the armpit area. After treatment, you will sweat a whole lot less under your arms, even when you’re at the gym or when it’s 90 degrees out. MiraDry is a fantastic treatment that offers a lifetime of benefits:

  • Be more comfortably dry & fresh all day long
  • Wear your favorite clothing without worrying about pit stains
  • Enjoy social and professional situations with greater confidence
  • Bonus benefit: MiraDry can achieve up to 60% to 70% hair reduction under the arms for many patients.

And since you’re wondering, yes, it is safe to stop sweating under your arms. The armpits contain only about 2% of the body’s sweat glands, so MiraDry doesn’t compromise your healthy ability to sweat.

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What to expect with Granite Bay MiraDry treatments

The experience is similar to what you might expect with energy-based skin tightening. To keep you comfortable, your underarms will be numbed prior to treatment with a mild local anesthetic. Then, the MiraDry handpiece is applied directly to the skin, where it heats the dermis to the precise temperature to destroy sweat glands.

MiraDry treatment usually takes an hour or two to complete, and you can return to daily activity immediately. Mild soreness, numbness and swelling in the armpits after treatment are the most common side effects; these typically resolve within several days following treatment.

Watch actor & MiraDry Ambassador Antonio Sabato, Jr. get MiraDry

Even sexy stars like Antonio take a confidence boost where they can get one. Check out his MiraDry experience in this short video.

When will I get results after MiraDry?

MiraDry starts working immediately, and you’ll notice that you sweat less shortly after you leave our office. Some patients no longer sweat noticeably in their armpits after one treatment, while others will still experience a modest amount of sweat with physical activity. An 82% sweat reduction is average after two treatments. Everyone’s a little different, so we will discuss the appropriate number of MiraDry treatments you might need to get optimal results at your consultation.

How much does MiraDry cost?

At Granite Bay Cosmetic Surgery, MiraDry is currently priced at $1,950 for a single treatment, and $2,750 for a two-treatment package. The comfort and confidence gained from sweating less? Priceless!