How Dr. Clark Helps Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Go as Quickly & Comfortably as Possible

A speedy breast augmentation recovery starts and finishes with you: first, choosing an experienced plastic surgeon; second, doing your best to be in optimal health before surgery and lastly, following your post-op care instructions!

In between, your plastic surgeon’s training and skill come into play—and I use techniques to not only ensure a safe surgery and great results, but also to help you bounce back and enjoy your gorgeous new look ASAP. In fact, most of my breast augmentation patients are back to their normal work and social lives within 4 days after their procedure, and are rocking their new curves in style within just a few weeks.

Minimizing recovery time after breast augmentation comes down to two critical things: reducing infection risk so you heal optimally, and minimizing post-op swelling and bruising so you can move around comfortably and notice results faster. Here’s the scoop.

Speedy Recovery Secret #1: Using the Keller Funnel

Any time you transfer something from the outside world into the body, there’s a chance for unfriendly microbes to come along for the ride. When inserting breast implants, this means a risk for infection, which can not only slow healing but also could increase risk of capsular contracture. Every time something or someone touches the implant or your breast pocket, there’s a chance for more microbes to join the party.

The Keller Funnel is my secret weapon to minimize infection risk.

The Keller Funnel is a device that looks like a pastry bag—that squeezes out a breast implant. Using the Keller Funnel, I can transfer a silicone implant from its sterile packaging to the breast pocket quickly and precisely without my gloves ever touching the implant. This greatly reduces the number of microbes on the implant’s surface, thus lowering the risk for infection and capsular contracture.

But wait, there’s more! The Keller Funnel helps you recover faster in many ways:

  • I can use smaller incisions, both internally and externally. I cut the Funnel’s opening to match the incision size so the implant goes in smoothly and easily. Smaller incisions=smaller scars.
  • The implant is already in the correct position. Without the funnel, a surgeon has to position the implant manually by sticking her hands into the breast pocket.
  • The implant goes in with far less force. This reduces trauma to surrounding tissues, which can help you heal faster and reduce post-op swelling.
  • Your surgery takes less time. This means less time under anesthesia and less time with tissues exposed.

Not every plastic surgeon uses the Keller Funnel, but this device has been a game-changer for my patients, and I firmly believe it offers a safer, better breast augmentation.

See the Keller Funnel in action

Watch Dr. Clark insert a breast implant using the Keller Funnel below:

Speedy Recovery Secret #2: Double down against infection

Along with the Keller Funnel, my surgical team and I take meticulous steps to minimize contact with your breasts and prevent infection. Just a few things on our list for every surgery:

  • We cover the nipple/areola complex to reduce risk of contamination from this tissue (and prevent microbes from this site from entering the breast pocket)
  • I change gloves immediately before preparing the Keller Funnel and placing the implant
  • We irrigate the surgical site with antibiotics prior to placing the implant
  • We carefully handle breast tissue during surgery and minimize our contact with it

Speedy Recovery Secret #3: Put the brakes on post-op swelling and pain

Some post-op swelling is unavoidable; it’s part of the natural healing process after surgery. But, we can minimize swelling and bleeding by reducing tissue trauma during surgery and taking swift measures to control swelling after surgery. What my team and I do to reduce swelling and improve your comfort:

  • Use implants that are appropriate for your anatomy (natural-looking & not too large)
  • Use a “bloodless” technique that minimizes interruption of blood vessels
  • Create a breast pocket and insert implants using the “dual plane” technique, an under-the-muscle technique that helps me get beautiful results for any body type with minimal internal incisions and less breast tissue trauma
  • Handle tissue gently from start to finish (also aided by the Keller Funnel)
  • Apply ice compresses after closing incisions

Psyched for a speedy breast augmentation recovery? Give me a shout

If you’re considering breast augmentation in Granite Bay, I want you to get the info you need to make a confident decision. During a personal consultation, we’ll discuss all the details: your concerns, your goals, what you can expect during recovery, and what implants will give you the gorgeous curves you deserve. Just call or contact us online any time to get the ball rolling.

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