Breast Implant Placement

At your consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss implant placement options; that is, how will your implants be positioned in your chest? The answer depends on your anatomy, which implants you have selected, and your personal preference.

Over the muscle: subglandular placement

Subglandular Implant Placement

For this option, breast implants are positioned below the existing breast tissue and above the pectoral muscles. Because the muscle isn’t affected, recovery tends to be quicker and final results often show sooner with this option.

However, it’s best for patients who have adequate breast tissue to conceal the implant and reduce the chance of visible edges or rippling. Since many women seeking breast augmentation have little breast tissue to begin with, our doctors use subglandular placement in only a small number of patients.

Under the muscle: submuscular placement

Submuscular Implant Placement

The majority of our breast augmentation patients choose submuscular placement. For this option, your doctor releases the lower attachment of the pectoral muscle to create a “pocket” and places the implant beneath the muscle and the breast tissue.

While breast augmentation recovery takes a little longer with submuscular implant placement, it results in a more natural look for most patients, as the implant has plenty of tissue coverage. Your chest muscles will function just fine once you are healed.

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