BOTOX vs Dysport

We’re all about having choices. For those of you who want to smooth expression lines and refresh a tired, angry appearance, we’re happy to offer two popular, FDA approved neuromodulator options: BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport.

Both get fantastic results, and both are safe when administered by a qualified provider. The two products have far more similarities than differences, and we recommend them both to our patients at Granite Bay Cosmetic Surgery.

A brief bio of BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX is made by Allergan, inc. and uses a formula of botulinum toxin called onabotulinaumtoxin A. Its particles are coated with protein buffers to help slow the release of the neurotoxin. Since its FDA approval in 2002, BOTOX has become a household name; more than 10.9 million treatments have been performed to date.

A brief bio of Dysport


Dysport received FDA approval in 2009. Like BOTOX, it uses botulinum toxin to affect nerve impulses. However, its formula (abobotulinumtoxin A ) is slightly different, containing smaller particles and fewer protein buffers. Dysport is made by a company called Galderma, inc.

As far as safety, efficacy, and quality are concerned, the two products are equal. What matters most is what will achieve the best results for your anatomy and goals.

Which is better for me: BOTOX or Dysport?

This is a tricky question to answer without seeing you in person, so to really find out, contact us for a consultation with one of our surgeons. What we can tell you now is that there are slight differences in the two products that make Dysport a better option for some patients, and BOTOX a better option for others. For instance:

  • Dysport has smaller botulinum particles with fewer protein buffers surrounding them. Translation? Many patients see results more quickly with Dysport. We’re talking about 4 days with Dysport vs. 7-10 days with BOTOX—not a huge difference, but maybe enough to matter if you need to look great by the weekend.
  • Dysport is injected more deeply and spreads more easily than BOTOX. As a result, we can sometimes treat a broader area with fewer Dysport injections. This is only an advantage if we want to treat a broader area, so it doesn’t necessarily make Dysport better, just better at certain times.
  • Some patients just like their results better with BOTOX than Dysport, and vice-versa. Just like some people prefer crunchy peanut butter and others prefer creamy, some people are happier with the results of one product over another.

Is Dysport really cheaper than BOTOX?

At GBC, BOTOX costs $12/unit, and Dysport costs $4/unit. Many patients see this per-unit price difference and think, “Wow! Dysport is so much cheaper…it’s a no-brainer which one I want.” Here’s the rub: it takes more Dysport units than BOTOX units to achieve the same goal. The two products are measured on totally different scales. While Dysport treatments may end up costing a little less for some patients, for others the overall price difference is negligible.

Rather than focus on price, focus on who is performing your injections. Provider skill and experience are directly related to how safe your treatment is and how natural your results look. Choose a skilled plastic surgeon or registered nurse injector with several years of experience performing both Dysport and BOTOX injections for a variety of male and female patients.

Which will last longer, Dysport or BOTOX?

Both products are temporary, and last 3 to 4 months on average, depending on the patient. Dysport tends to get to work a little more quickly than BOTOX, with final results in place within about 5 days. BOTOX results can take up to 2 weeks to finalize.

More questions about BOTOX or Dysport? Contact us today, and we’ll discuss the pros and cons of either treatment with you at a personal consultation with our surgeons or our experienced registered nurse injector.