Incisions & Procedures for Gynecomastia

Male breast reduction options to restore a masculine chest contour

Male breast reduction is a goal-oriented procedure. Our surgeons determine their surgical techniques based on several factors:

  • How much tissue needs to be removed
  • Whether that tissue is mostly fat, mostly glandular tissue, or a combination of the two
  • Whether you have sagging skin that needs to be addressed
  • What will best achieve your goals and a natural-looking result

Liposuction for male breast reduction

In many cases, excess tissue can be removed using liposuction only. Our surgeons will use this procedure if:

  • Enlarged breasts are due mainly to excess fat
  • You have good skin contraction
  • A small to moderate amount of tissue needs to be removed.

Liposuction involved one or two tiny incisions, typically located in the armpit area. Your doctor insert a thin cannula to remove the excess fat and shape a masculine contour to the chest.

Direct tissue excision

Patients who have excess glandular tissue typically require direct tissue excision. Our surgeons vary incision patterns depending on how much tissue and/or skin needs to be removed. Whenever possible, they place incisions in less conspicuous locations, such as along the outer edge of the areola.

Peri-areolar incision for male breast reduction
Peri-areolar incision for male breast reduction

A peri-areolar incision is used for mild to moderate tissue excision and produces excellent results in patients with good skin contraction.

Vertical incision for male breast reduction
Vertical incision for male breast reduction

Patients with a mild to moderate amount of lax skin may benefit from a vertical incision, which allows your surgeon to remove excess, sagging skin.

Extended incision for male chest lift
Extended incision for male chest lift

Men with very large, sagging breast tissue may require an extended incision to allow their doctor to flatten the chest, remove excess skin, and lift the nipple-areola into a more natural position. This procedure type is more common with massive weight loss patients.

Combining liposuction with tissue excision

Combining liposuction and tissue excision can help our surgeons sculpt a more masculine chest shape after removing excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue. If this is option is appropriate, they will discuss this strategy with you prior to surgery.

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