Traveling for Cosmetic Surgery? There’s a Guide for That!

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More and more patients are opting to go out-of-state for their cosmetic care, with motivations including going to a specialist or gaining an additional level of privacy. While medical tourism can be a controversial topic, there is a way to do it safely—if you stick to US doctors—and give yourself a larger pool of qualified plastic surgeons to choose from.

At Granite Bay Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Clark sees patients from all over the world, and our team has perfected the long-distance experience over the years. But we realize the prospect of traveling for cosmetic surgery can feel a little scary, so we created a guide to help.

With a temperate climate and small-town feel, Granite Bay is a wonderful location for a procedure followed by a recovery vacay. We love our home and can’t wait to share it with you!

The tips you need when traveling for cosmetic surgery

In our Guide for Out-of-Town Patients, we explain everything you need to prepare for your cosmetic procedure from afar—and how to handle logistics once you arrive in town. Here are the areas we cover:

  • Medical tourism safety tips
  • Finding the perfect cosmetic surgeon for you
  • How to suss out the real deal when reading patients reviews
  • Tips for reviewing before and after photos
  • Scheduling a virtual consult
  • Booking your procedure
  • Making travel plans
  • Picking out lodgings
  • Getting around Granite Bay and Sacramento
  • Finding food service

Even if traveling to Granite Bay for cosmetic surgery isn’t in the cards for you, many sections of this guide are invaluable for any traveling patient, so give it a read. Our primary goal is to ensure that patients who opt to travel for surgery do so as safely as possible—and we hope our advice helps as you find a great doctor to help you work out your ideal enhancement plan.

Without further ado, click to read our Guide for Out-of-Town Patients…and give us a call when you’re ready to come see us!

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