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At Granite Bay Cosmetic, we equip you with a take-home booklet that’s packed with wisdom to make your plastic surgery recovery go as smoothly as possible. While many patients are surprised to learn that certain seemingly innocent medications and supplements are off limits pre- and post-procedure, what you do put into your body is just… Continue Reading »

Plastic surgeon Amie Miller, MD joined Granite Bay Cosmetic Surgery via the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, where she completed a craniofacial surgery fellowship—an additional level of training beyond her two residencies in general and plastic surgery. We are thrilled to have this knowledgeable and versatile surgeon joining our practice. Today, we’re sitting down with this… Continue Reading »

Our fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Annika Meyer, has meticulous surgical technique and a keen eye for restoring youthfulness in the aging face. With an affinity for listening, Dr. Meyer can help you find the perfect combination of procedures to provide a lasting confidence boost. For today’s blog, we’re giving you a peek into what… Continue Reading »

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