Meet the Granite Bay team

Committed to excellence in patient care & service

Here at Granite Bay Cosmetic Surgery, we’re proud to have a talented, capable and simply awesome all-female staff. Each an accomplished professional in her own right, our front office, medical spa, and operating room staff share a passion for helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals and have the skills and experience to make it happen.

With Dr. Christa Clark and this crew on your side, you can relax with confidence in our ability to help you get a look you love.

Stop by, say hi, and let us help you look and feel fabulous! Contact us today to get started.

Meet our office staff

Susan, Practice Manager: The literal cog of the behind-the-scenes wheel, Susan manages anything that happens under the GBCS roof.

Ann, Patient Care Team Member:She’s your go-to-girl for booking consults and surgeries with any of our surgeons. Little known fact about Ann, she received a marriage proposal over the GBCS Instagram DM’s that included money and goats!

Bonnie, Patient Care Team Member: Known for ability to juggle multiple things at once, Bonnie ensures smooth operations daily at GBC.

Tessa, GBCS Coordinator: Don’t let her quiet nature fool you, Tessa ensures smooth operations daily at GBC by quietly conquering whatever is put in her path.

Kristin, Front Office Operations:We think everyone needs a Kristin in their lives, and we are so grateful to have her holding down the ‘front of the house’ and smiling through her daily Building Maintenance Manager duties.

Michelle, Front Desk: Our official front desk greeter – she will say hello as you walk thru the door. Michelle also loves being our official social chair.

Angela, Accountant:A business this size needs a smart gal to keep track of numbers and create cool spreadsheets—and Angela’s got us covered. If our surgeons speak plastic surgery, Angela speaks Excel spreadsheets.

Get to know our non-surgical rock stars

Cherie, Permanent Makeup: Cherie lights up the room from the moment she walks in—and her infectious energy is matched only by her skill.

Say hi to our nursing & OR staff

Our team of exceptionally talented nurses are an invaluable part of our team. You’ll find them assisting Dr. Clark in the OR and clinic.

Rebecca, Certified Medical Assistant:Affectionately known as “Snow White” Rebecca will be an integral part of your journey and will walk you through every part of your experience at GBC, from consult to post-op visits.

DeAnna, Certified Medical Assistant: This former dancer is always ‘on point’ each day she shows up to guide patients through their surgical journey from consult to post op visits.

Audrianna, Certified Surgical Technician: Audrianna is one of Dr. Clark’s right-hand-gals in the OR. No matter what is happening in the world, or in the OR, Audri ALWAYS has a smile on her face and a cheerful response.

James, Certified Surgical Technician: James is the proverbial ‘eye of the hurricane’ because no matter what is going on, you can count on James to be calm. You can catch him rocking out to country music at the end of the day while cleaning the operating room.

Rose, OR Nurse:You’ll get to know Rose well during your surgical journey at GBC, whether she’s in the OR or clinic. She refers to our staff as ‘kids’ and we usually call her Mama Rose.

Cindy, OR Nurse: Cindy is our rock here at GBC, helping our patients have a positive experience from day one.

DeAnna, OR Nurse: She’s the first to try any and everything—and patients love her energy.

Heather, OR Nurse: Heather’s happy to get everything done with a smile on her face the whole time.

Stephanee, OR Nurse: You can always pick Stephanee out thanks to her crazy socks and shoes and gorgeous smile on her face.

Keri, OR Nurse: We may never know what crazy color her hair is under her surgical cap.