Breast Lift Incision Options

Where are incisions made during breast lift surgery?

When it comes to breast lift incisions, it’s important to remember that the more extensive sagging you currently have, the longer the incisions will need to be to achieve a beautiful breast lift result. The surgeons at GBCS are experienced in multiple breast lift techniques, and they tailors surgery to your goals and anatomy. A natural result is always a priority.

Both the incision patterns your doctor uses create thin scars that are easily concealed by a bra or swimsuit and fade nicely with proper care. Breast lift recovery is about the same regardless of which incision technique is performed.

Option #1: Lollipop (Vertical) Incision

Our doctors perform most breast lifts using the lollipop incision. This involves a peri-areolar incision plus one incision running vertically from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease. This additional incision allows them to remove a greater amount of excess skin and do more extensive remodeling of breast tissues for a more dramatic improvement in shape and position. The resulting scar is shaped like a lollipop.

A vertical breast lift leaves a thin scar on the bottom half of the breast. It fades nicely with proper care.
A vertical breast lift leaves a thin scar on the bottom half of the breast. It fades nicely with proper care.

Option #2: Anchor Incision

If you have very droopy breasts, or you are having a breast reduction as well as a lift, your surgeon will likely use the anchor technique. Also called the “inverted T,” this technique adds an incision along the inframammary fold (that crease under your breast) to the lollipop incision. The anchor incision allows for the most extensive amount of breast reshaping.

An anchor breast lift corrects significant sagging with one additional, concealed scar beneath the breast.

Which incisions are used for a breast lift with implants?

If you’re planning on having a breast augmentation with lift, our doctors will use one of the above techniques. Occasionally, a breast reduction patient might benefit from implants too to achieve the best shape. In this case, your surgeon will typically use the anchor technique.

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