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Yes! You can get breasts that look great in whatever you wear

Time and gravity are forces of nature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t outsmart their effects on your breasts! Breast lift surgery reshapes and repositions drooping breasts, eliminating sagging skin to create more youthful curves.

Why have a breast lift?

Our surgeons understand how pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, and genetics can negatively impact the breasts’ appearance: skin loses elasticity, breasts sag and lose their firmness, areolas stretch out, and nipples point downward.

A breast lift can correct these issues, helping you get firmer, rounder breasts that look better and fit into bras and swimsuits more comfortably and attractively.

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How do I know if I need a breast lift?

Generally speaking, if your nipples rest at or below your inframammary fold when viewed from the side, a breast lift could benefit you. Still, it’s a personal decision—if sagging is bothersome to you, no matter how minor or substantial, you have a valid reason to consider breast lift surgery.

The degree of sagging you have now determines whether you need a breast lift and if so, what incision technique our surgeons use.
The degree of sagging you have now determines whether you need a breast lift and if so, what incision technique your surgeon uses.

Do I need implants with a breast lift?

Maybe, maybe not. Breast implants are a great way to improve breast size and shape during a breast lift, but if you’re happy with your current breast size, our talented surgeons can create a firmer, uplifted, and more appealing breast shape using your natural tissue.

If you’ve lost a lot of breast volume after pregnancy or breastfeeding, there may not be enough natural tissue left to work with. In this case, we will help you choose implants to restore volume and enjoy beautiful breasts that are the size you prefer.

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What is breast lift surgery like?

The procedure takes 2 to 4 hours to perform. You’ll be under general anesthesia for comfort and safety. Using the right incision pattern for your needs, our surgeons lift the nipple/areola complex, reduce the areola circumference (if necessary), and reshape breast tissue into a rounder, more symmetrical shape. If you’re getting breast implants too, we will insert them and reshape the natural breast tissue accordingly. We then removes excess, sagging skin to create a firmer breast. Get the scoop on breast lift recovery »

How long will a breast lift last?

A breast lift resets the “sag clock” for your breasts. While the natural aging process will continue, your results will continue to look beautiful for many years as long as you maintain your weight and wear a good quality, supportive bra, especially when working out. our techniques ensure the reshaped breast tissue is supported from the inside out and that extra skin is gone.

However, it’s best to postpone a breast lift until you’re finished having kids—pregnancy and breastfeeding can re-stretch breast tissues, causing your breasts to sag all over again.

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