CoolTone Muscle Toning Granite Bay

Tighten, strengthen, & tone…no planking involved

We don’t all have the time, money, or access to personal trainers to get the muscles of our dreams. The truth is, work, home, and your social life make fitting in a daily core workout a difficult task—and maintaining superhero abs requires constant vigilance. Not to mention those of us who spend hours doing crunches, squats, or other toning exercises only to find that our muscle definition just ain’t there.

Lucky for all of us, technology has made it possible to give your muscles a little extra oomph with just a few short treatment sessions…and we’re stoked to offer CoolTone here at GBC!

What is CoolTone?

CoolTone is a relatively new device developed by Allergan, the makers of the most popular non-surgical fat reduction treatment, CoolSculpting. It’s a “Magnetic Muscle Stimulation” (MMS) device that specifically targets underlying musculature to improve tone and strength for a sleeker appearance.

CoolTone is not the first or only MMS device on the market, but it is the most powerful. Compared to the leading competitor, CoolTone offers 50% more magnetic intensity —meaning you’ll get more dramatic results.

How does CoolTone tone muscles?

During treatment, the CoolTone device sends electromagnetic energy directly to your muscles, leaving surrounding skin, fat, and tissues unharmed. When your muscles are stimulated with the energy, an involuntary muscle contraction occurs at the rate of thousands of times per minute.

This muscle contraction is exactly like what occurs when you strength train, though at a much more intense rate. Your body responds to these contractions by improving muscle conditioning and strengthening fibers, resulting in stronger, firmer, and more toned muscles.

Where can CoolTone be used?

The CoolTone device is currently FDA cleared for treatment of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs, though additional areas may be approved in the future. That being said, we’ve found that these three areas are the most common areas of concern among our patients.

In addition to providing a visual improvement of the abs, CoolTone can also be used to help treat diastastis recti, an oft-painful separation of the abdominal muscles that often inflicts mothers after childbirth. This is great news, as this condition typically required surgery in the past.

Can CoolTone be used with CoolSculpting?

Absolutely! In fact, we’ve found that following up a CoolSculpting series with CoolTone can lead to some stellar results. CoolSculpting can help reduce layers of fat that are obscuring musculature, while CoolTone can finish off the look by toning the area. Patients interested in a trim, toned, and athletic look will be able to achieve great results by combining these two technologies.

Does CoolTone hurt?

CoolTone doesn’t really hurt, though you will feel it. The strength of the muscle contractions can be surprising, though most patients report it feels like a somewhat ticklish, more intense version of the feeling you get when you engage your muscles with strength training. That being said, thinner patients may experience a bit more discomfort for the first few minutes of treatment.

The entire CoolTone treatment should take around 30 minutes, and most of our patients say they get used to the rhythm of the contractions within the first minutes. When your treatment is done, you’ll be able to resume your normal activities, as long as you forgo the gym.

Is there any downtime with CoolTone?

Barring strenuous activities that might engage the treated muscles, you should be able to go about your day without needing a long period of R&R. Most CoolTone side effects are relatively mild and shortlived, including some muscle tenderness, occasional spasming, or skin redness in the treated area. Basically, you’ll likely feel like you just completed a particularly intense workout.

If you are about to start your period, you may want to reschedule your abdominal CoolTone treatment. Some patients have reported that they’ve experienced additional cramping during their cycle, so we recommend booking your session at least a week or two before or after your period is due.

When will I see results after CoolTone?

Give your results around two months to fully take shape. You may notice some positive changes before this time, but it will be about 60 days before your final results appear.

How dramatic your results appear will also depend on how many treatments you’ve had. While many patients feel and see some increased strength after a single treatment, we typically recommend a total of four treatments over the course of around two to three weeks for optimal results.

Will CoolTone results last?

That’s up to you! Just like slacking off at the gym can undermine your hard won results, so to can putting on weight, not exercising, and eating poorly impact your CoolTone results. We’ve seen that patients who continue to follow a regular exercise routine and eat a healthy diet are able to maintain their results for years to come.

If you do put on excess weight, you may find that it camouflages your results or occurs disproportionately, which is why we recommend committing to a healthy lifestyle to support your new look.

Maintenance treatments can be performed once or twice per year, which can also ensure your results are long-lasting.

If you’re interested in learn more about CoolTone or are ready to book today, contact us to schedule your free consult!